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Friday, February 14, 2003


So, the Boston Globe is wary of the mass e-mails from GOP team leaders as noted in this Team Leader action alert:

Help President Bush
Call Them Out!

Last week, the paper (Boston Globe) announced that it would no longer publish letters to the editor sent through GOP Team Leader and its letters editor admitted that letters "that just say ‘George Bush is a great guy’ – will be a red flag."

Every week, thousands of Team Leaders get involved using the tools at GOPTeamLeader.com. But the Boston Globe seems to believe that because you use our online tools that your opinion doesn’t matter. Write the Boston Globe and let them know that your opinion does matter!

Click here to write them today!

So, when the Boston Globe is aware of people sending identical e-mails around the country, they're countering this by sending the Boston Globe hundreds of identical e-mails. Man oh man, whatever will the Boston Globe do? I guess they'll have to either listen to these Republicans' unoriginal demands or utilize the delete button.


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