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Monday, February 10, 2003

Interesting article

In the Arizona Republic, Robert Robb seems to suggests America mellow out:

What if we in the United States were no longer to regard it as our responsibility to thwart whatever ambitions Saddam might have so long as he left us alone? If other Arab countries regarded Saddam as a threat or a menace, they would have to do something about it themselves.
Similarly, what if the United States took the position that a nuclear-armed North Korea was primarily a regional threat and it was up to South Korea, China and Japan to figure out what to do about it?

The United States would be willing to talk directly to North Korea, as it has demanded. But what we'll say is that freedom and democracy are what will improve conditions for the people of North Korea and that its government isn't getting a dime from American taxpayers.

This is not, as commonly alleged, isolationism. We would remain diplomatically and commercially engaged throughout the world, even in countries we currently give the cold shoulder to, such as Cuba and Iran.

We just wouldn't try to manage the world's affairs or be willing to act as the world's security force anymore.

We would return to being what the Founding Fathers intended: a peaceful trading nation. An example of liberty for the world, but defender and protector principally of our own.

Here's what I find interesting about this, under the current political climate, this seems to be a moderate, centrist view. But it's not. It's a classical conservative view, but America has by now moved so far right, it feels like it's closer to center.

My mother told me last night she was becoming radicalized. I told her she wasn't. If she was in most European democracies, her views would be much closer to center, possibly conservative. America has become radicalized, or at least the government has. At it's making levelheadedness appear to be extremism.


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