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Sunday, February 23, 2003


Tonight is the Masquerade Ball, which is a tacet part of Reed Arts Week. It's a fun-filled night of dancing, substance-abuse, regrettable sex and all out good old fashioned revelry.

For everyone else that is. For me it serves merely as a modicom into how the massive amounts of work I'm stuck with this semester have eaten away my social life. So while everyone else is dancing and enjoying themselves, here I am reading and trying desperately to finish REU applications.

And in case I used the word "modicom" incorrectly, or just make it up, I'll add fuck you. There's is a massive on-campus party tonight, and I'm missing it due to studying. I should be allowed a portion of quasi-intellectualism!

Sorry for the rant. I'll try some posts that hold a moderate significance soon.

Update: And it's Cowboy Bebop to the rescue. Nothing like Mushroom Samba to get you out of a bad mood.


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