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Saturday, February 22, 2003

The INS is full of racist, homophobic assholes who should not be given the power they have in anything short of a totalitarian regime

Just from reading this:

A Toronto woman coming home from India says she was pulled aside at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, accused of using a fake Canadian passport, denied consular assistance and threatened with jail.

In tears and desperate, Berna Cruz says she told U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) officers she didn't want to go to jail. She told them she had to get home to her two children and was expected to be at work the next day at a branch of a major Toronto bank where she works as a loan officer.

Instead of jailing her on Jan. 27, an INS officer cut the front page of Cruz's passport and filled each page with "expedited removal" stamps, rendering it useless.

She was photographed, fingerprinted, barred from re-entering the U.S. for five years and immediately "removed."

Not to Toronto, but to India, where she had just spent several weeks visiting her parents.

It took four days, and help from Canadian officials in Dubai and a Kuwaiti Airlines pilot, to get her back home.

I'd comment on this, but instead I thought I'd pass on some anecdotal information.

A friend of mine in the Budapest program (hi Ryan if you're reading this) told me about a Hungarian he met who came to visit America for his birthday in November 2001, to see his friends who he made while staying in America over the summer. The thing is he left the country on September 10, the day before Iraq nuked San Francisco. (with big nukes, and really badly, that's why we're going to war, right?)

Anyway, due to the date of his previous departure from the country, and maybe because he was gay (he's Hungarian, so I'm assuming he doesn't look Arab at all), the INS jailed him for about a week (exact dates I don't have, remember this is anecdotal).

This time of being jailed was of course, needlessly unpleasant. Since he was gay, the guards would often physically intimidate him, one would keep saying to him after grilling, "I'm going to go fuck my girlfriend" and the like. Finally they released him, and shipped him back to Hungary.

Which is all to say, the INS has gotten too powerful, and they are abusing innocent people in the name of "security". But you know what? This is supoposed to be America, where people aren't randomly jailed, and anyone can come who wants to live peacefully. Give us your tired masses yearning to breathe free, right?

Not anymore. Let's face it, America's grown too powerful. And Bush is a dick. And we're founded on centuries of white supremacy. And the uber religious have a stranglehold over politics.

Essentially, we're fucked.


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