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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If I were at the press conference

Posted by Raznor

Congressman Reynolds knew for a year that Foley was soliciting underage pages for sex, even going so far as to interrupt a floor vote to have cybersex with a teenager.

So what does Reynolds do to avoid questions? Surrounds himself with children.

he Upstate media today is all about Tom Reynolds' bizarre press conference yesterday, at which he surrounded himself by small children. At one point, reporters asked if he could make the children leave so they could as adult questions, and he refused.

As August Pollak notes, it shows a cowardice of the press as well as complete craven cowardice by Reynolds, and suggests one of them saying something like "Mr. Reynolds, it's our job to ask questions about this, so if these parents aren't allowed to let their children leave the room they're going to have to deal with hearing questions about pederasty."

Oooh, how I wish I were there. Here's what I would have asked when Reynolds refused to tell the children to leave the stage:

Question: Okay, this question is for the children who you've surrounded yourself with. Children, raise your hand if Representative Mark Foley has ever molested you or sent inappropriate e-mails. Okay, same question, but now for Representative Reynolds.


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