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Monday, July 31, 2006

Young Ray Davies Weighs in on Revolver

Posted by Ross

As a companion piece to my write-up of the Ray Davies concert, here is Davies' 1966 track-by-track analysis of Revolver, which appeared in last month's UNCUT (though I have seen it printed elsewhere, as well):

Taxman "It sounds like a cross between The Who and Batman. It's a bit limited, but The Beatles get over this by the sexy double-tracking."

Eleanor Rigby "I bought a Haydn LP the other day and this sounds just like it. It sounds like they're out to please music teachers in primary schools."

I'm Only Sleeping "Much prettier than 'Eleanor Rigby.' A jolly old thing, really...definitely the best track on the album."

Love You Too "This sort of song I was doing two years ago - now I'm doing what The Beatles were doing two years ago."

Here, There And Everywhere "This proves the Beatles have got good memories, because there are a lot of busy chords in it. It's nice - like one instrument with the voice and guitar merging. Third best track on the album."

Yellow Submarine "This is a load of rubbish, really. I take the mickey out of myself on the piano and play stuff just like this. I think they know it's not that good."

She Said She Said "This song is in to restore confidence in the old Beatles sound. That's all."

Good Day Sunshine "This'll be a giant. It doesn't force itself on you, but it stands out like 'I'm Only Sleeping'. This is back to the real old Beatles. I just don't think the fans like the newer electronic stuff. The Beatles are supposed to be like the boy next door, only better."

And Your Bird Can Sing "Don't like this. The song's too predictable. It's not a Beatles song at all."

For No One "Better than 'Eleanor Rigby' - the French horn is nice."

Doctor Robert "It's good - there's a 12-bar beat and bits in it that are clever. Not my sort of thing, though."

I Want to Tell You "This helps the LP through. It's not up to Beatles standard."

Got To Get You Into My Life "Jazz backing - and it just goes to prove that Britain's jazz musicians can't swing. Paul's swinging better jazz than the musicians are playing, which makes nonsense of people saying jazz and pop are very different. Paul sounds like Little Richard... it's the most vintage Beatles track on the LP."

Tomorrow Never Knows "Listen to all those crazy sounds! It'll be popular in discotheques. I can imagine they had George Martin tied to a totem pole when they did this!"


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