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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Colbert Report
Posted by Ross

To me, when “The Colbert Report” premiered last year, what really happened was “The Daily Show” became an hour long program. It’s sort of like how the end of “Sesame Street” is now completely dedicated to “Elmo’s World.”

In all his brilliantly-intellectualized tomfoolery, Stephen Colbert, the Tickle-me-Elmo to Jon Stewart’s Big Bird, plays the O’Reilly-esque egotistical right-wing media pundit -- the kind whose ilk has spread like the plague on the cable news networks “The Daily Show”, in all its Nouveau silliness, so beautifully satirizes.

Among the myriad of hilarious running gags on the show, my personal favorite, thus far, is when Colbert shamelessly plugs his sci-fi adventure novel:

On Monday’s show, Colbert espoused some of his philosophies on taxes:

We’ll never get the big government gorilla off our backs as long as we keep feeding the money monkey with our banana bucks… [long pause] … and then he’ll just throw his fiscal feces at us...

I can take this monkey metaphor as long as I need to.


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