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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dumbest study ever!!!!!
Posted by Raznor

Here's an from Reuters article who's headline is Violent video games linked to risky behaviors. Ooh, substantive. Let's look at the details:

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - After playing a violent video game, young men are more likely to think it's OK to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, raising the possibility that exposure to violent media could negatively affect health-related behavior.

What? That's it? What a fucking idiotic study with a completely overreaching conclusion. Oooh, teens that play a violent video game don't think that drinking or pot smoking are evil. But there's more:

Brady and Matthews had a group of 100 male undergraduates aged 18 to 21 play either Grand Theft Auto III or The Simpsons: Hit and Run. In the Simpsons game, players took the role of Homer Simpson and their task was to deliver daughter Lisa's science project to school before it could be marked late. In Grand Theft Auto III, players took the role of a criminal, and were instructed by the Mafia to beat up a drug dealer with a baseball bat.

...After playing the game, study participants watched a scenario in which a teacher told a class he suspects some students of cheating on a test, and that while he is very disappointed in those who have cheated he is proud of those who did well. The teacher then asks to see "Billy" after class. The study participants were told to imagine themselves as Billy, and asked how likely it was that the teacher was going to accuse them of cheating. Students who'd played Grand Theft Auto were more likely to think they'd be accused of cheating.

Wow, that proves something. But we have 100 students, let's say 50 play GTA and 50 play the Simpsons. 30 students who play GTA think they're accuse, 25 who play Simpsons think so. Well, that tells you pretty much less than nothing about how GTA vs Simpsons if you're honest about it, but I'm sure that would be listed as a 10% increase as proof that violent video games are ruining America.

Via Penny Arcade, where there's a hilarious comic on the subject.


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