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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Preach on, Tomorrow!

I loved this little tidbit from Tom Tomorrow:

...when I use the shorthand of "red staters," I guess I mean it more as a state of mind--remember, I am from Iowa myself, and not given to writing people off on the basis of geography. Nonetheless, I have been rightly chastised for promulgating this red v. blue crap--when the reality is that it's mostly a purple country that happens to have tilted ever-so-slightly in favor of the Republicans this year.

Damn straight. Just 'cos someone is from a red state or blue state doesn't determine their political orientation. I'm a red-stater - since Arizona voters gave Truman the nod in 1948, the only Democratic candidate to get Arizona's vote was Clinton in 1996 - yet as we all know, I'm also a GAY British Socialist from New York. Figure that one out.


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