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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate thoughts

So Schlieffer started out the debate by asking "will our children be as safe and secure as we were growing up?" Or something along those lines, and I'm wondering - what the HELL is he talking about? I don't call the constant threat of nuclear annihalation at the hands of the Soviets growing up "safe and secure".

I like that Kerry pointed out early that when Bush was asked "jobs?" he answered "education." That was ridiculous.

And finally, am I the only one who noticed the left side of Bush's face sagging? Did he have a stroke that we hasn't been publicized?

Whatever the case, when Kerry was talking, Bush looking over at him with that smirk made Bush looked like an escaped mental patient.

Overall, this one is Kerry's. Bush sounded desperate, Kerry presidential. And Bush killed a lot of his chances when he gave the Democrats a ready weapon by denying he never said he wasn't worried about Osama. That's a video-ready lie that will be all over the newscasts tomorrow.

Update: Tom Tomorrow at least agrees with me on the utter stupidity of that first question.


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