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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So what did I, Raznor, think of the debate?

Frankly, I watched maybe a total of half of it. I found the Yankees-Twins matchup much more interesting and less annoying than the Edwards-Cheney matchup. But two things Cheney said caught my attention, because they were rehashes of things written by others.

First of all, Cheney quite disgustingly rehashed David Brooks' comparison between the situation in Iraq and the situation in El Salvador 20 years ago. As if El Salvador was a triumph in democracy. I'd talk on about this but Jeanne already did a superb job deconstructing Brooks' column, and I recommend you read her post if you haven't yet.

Then later, as a capper, Cheney mentioned that Bush would make a better Commander in Chief since "he's been Commander in Chief for four years." Which is almost a line taken directly out of this short article from The Onion:

Bush Calls Incumbency Key Issue Of Campaign
WASHINGTON, DC—At a campaign dinner Monday, President Bush identified incumbency as the key issue in the upcoming presidential election. "Look at my opponent's record on incumbency," Bush said. "John Kerry is not the president at this time. That's an indisputable matter of public record." Bush added that the American public should seriously consider whether it wants to risk electing a president who has no experience heading a nation, has never resided in the White House, and does not have even one State Of The Union address under his belt.

In the meanwhile, the Twins won 2-0 in an extremely exciting game with some spectacular catches by Torii Hunter and Jacque Jones in the outfield. Should be a good postseason ahead of us.


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