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Friday, February 07, 2003


I notice that there are no serious political essays on my blog view page as is, you'd have to go into the archives for that. There are two factors to blame:

1) Increase of studying cuts into my time in general

2) Video games take up the rest.

My brother sent me Baseball Mogul 2003, and the game has this great play-by-play feature that makes the postseason last at least 2 hours when I get that far, and my Diamondbacks are repeat World Champions from 2013-2014! Then if that's not bad enough, I made the mistake of asking my friend Tom if I could borrow Red Factor, and he said yes, so now I'm playing that instead of working. Damn. I'll try to mention something on the political world over the weekend. Stay tuned, Raznor fans.

Update: Ha ha, look above this, long political essay. I'm still a legitimate left-wing blog. Take that, fate.


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