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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Attention Cincinnati Reds Fans

If you walk on the field of your new ballpark, you will get fired.

Seriously, though, this picture the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati looks simply beautiful. I'd love to see a ballgame there. I've been to four ballparks in my life. Here's how I like them:

1. Dodger Stadium: The $6 seats are the cheapest and best.
2. The BOB (Arizona): I will never be convinced that any retractable dome is better than the BOB, it's gorgeous.
3. The New Comiskey Park (Chicago White Sox): Just kind of boring, a bit small, and so boring, plus now it's going to be called US Cellular Field. Worst ballpark name ever, or at least rivalling Minute Maid Park nee Enron Field.
4. Edison Field (Anaheim): Disney turned this into a huge entertainment show with a bit of baseball on the side to distract you. The waterfall in center field is ridiculous. Hey, more power to the World Champion Angels, but man.

And for the parks I'd most like to see:
1. Wrigley: you gotta see Wrigley man.
2. Fenway: see Wrigley
3. Yankee Stadium: Giuliani was pushing for legislation to give millions of dollars to the Yankees to get a new park, which is besides the fact that if any team needs a financial hands up, it is NOT the Yankees, is idiotic, since Yankee Stadium has so much history and already seats nearly 50,000 fans anyway.
4. Pac Bell: With McCovey Cove in the background, it's just amazing.

And there you have it. Have to do work soonish.


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