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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cadbury Eggs and the Festival of Matzah

Posted by the belated bekka

I've been toying with the notion of eating my annual Cadbury Egg at my family seder this year. I thought about what types of ritual objects would be meaningful for me at such an occasion, and I realized that every year I eat approximately one Cadbury Creme Egg when they come into the stores...for Easter...in the spring...which is also when Passover happens. Ever wonder why Jews eat eggs and Christians hunt for them (and eat them in chocolate form) every year in March or April? They're both spring festivals, celebrating rebirth after the cold of the winter, the renewal of life and growth. Eggs, bunnies, green vegetables - all symbols that connect back way far in our history, not only as Jews (okay, maybe not the bunnies), but also as human beings. Our ancestors couldn't afford to take spring for granted - when you've witnessed the harshness of the elements winter after winter, surviving until spring is something to celebrate. And so I shall. By eating Cadbury Eggs.

Selah. So shall it be.


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