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Monday, August 22, 2005

Letter from Reader
Posted by Raznor

Reader John Notmadeup wrote this

Why do conservatives hate babies and puppies. I was a waiter at a recent Heritage Fund dinner and the main course was several babies and puppies, still alive so that the conservatives could feed on their flesh while they were still alive and screaming. Then a bunch of them shouted "HEIL HITLER!! HEIL BUSH!! SIEG HEIL!" while saluting a bastardized American flag with all the stars replaced my little Nazi Swastikas and then summoned demons from hell to do their bidding.

Disturbing, if true.

Update: Reader Rachel Totallyexists chimes in:

This just proves that conservatives are truly the most evil sorts of people on earth.

Heh, indeed.

Update 2: Several doubtless pinko conservative readers were offended by my implying that conservatives are Nazis and Satanists. I never said that. I merely published a letter that asserted that without comment. Stop your smear campaigns against me.


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