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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Jews first-Germans second

In my Third Reich class, I came upon this memo written by Himmler discussing the final solution:

I believe that Jews in this country are a fifth column. . . . The vast majority of Jews in this country are very obviously loyal, not to the Germany, but to their Jewry. And I'm worried that when the time comes for them to stand up and be counted, the reason they are here is to take over our culture and eventually take over our country.

Interesting, but this really demonstrates the standard line of reasoning in political anti-semitism in Germany at the time.

Except for one thing, I lied. This wasn't Himmler writing about Jews in Germany, this was conservative radio host Jay Severin talking about Muslims in America. (via Roger Ailes who has more)

Racist, hate-filled rhetoric doesn't really change after 60 years, does it?

Postscript: Is this Nazi comparison fair? I'd say it is. The term "fifth column" referring to Muslims in America is exactly the same line used by anti-semitic Germans to explain their loss in World War I, that there was a fifth column of German Jews working against them. Then it's a simple switch of words here and there and we're done.


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